Sunday, February 24, 2013

Class Notes from 2/18

  • Points determine a line. Lines determine a plane. Planes determine a volume
  • A line can be represented by a serious of points.
  • A plane can be represented by a serious of lines.
  • A volume can be represented by a serious of planes.
  • Each plane is a cross section of the volume.
  • To construct a volumetric form, we can think in terms of its cross sections.
  • How the form can be sliced up to regular intervals, which will result in serial planes.
  • Each serial plane can be considered as a unit form which may be used either in repetition or in gradation.
  • Gradation refers to gradual variation of the unit form, and it can be used in three different ways
    • Gradation of size but repetition of shape.
    • Gradation of shape but repetition of size.
    • Gradation of both shape and size. 
  • Zaha Hadid
    • Hadar Aliev
    • Hotel Puerta
  • London Aquatics Center
  • Beethoven Concert Hall
  • Innovative Architecture
    • Frank Gugenheim
    • Frank O. Gehry
    • Aurora Robson- from Toronto, Cananda, repurposed materials in fine art
      • Started with renderings/paintings
      • Build Maquettes (small prototypes in 3D)

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